Graphic design & ilustration
Xurris is a design company with a foundation in the arts. Its “& CO.” brings professionals from various fields together to be able to offer you integrated service. We are looking for you, an extraordinary client, who looks for sexy designs with happy endings.

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Product Development


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Product design

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Product Development

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From branding, to the logo and copy, to corporate gifts for your clients, through to stationery, your website, packaging and POS. We run a preliminary study to evaluate the needs of the project and then recommend the best approach and channel. Our method allows us to understand you better and get to know your brand or services more deeply in order to achieve extraordinary results.


Offline Services

We make cards, posters, flyers, leaflets, brochures, presentations, invitations, basically everything that has to do with ink and paper.


Web Design

From conception to final design. We do all the development, and subsequent additions and updates. Further, we generate content, as well as banners and images for social networks.



We use different styles and techniques, from vectorial to zoographic manipulation through bondage collage.


Illustration and patterns

With different styles and adapted to all the types of media you use to communicate your idea.


Infography and iconography

To both explain and illustrate what you want to transmit effectively.

Product Development


We bring life to your idea or product. We create and develop artworks for all types of projects. We apply the graphic onto different supports, managing the complete process and the final artwork.



We create the best of the best packaging for your project.


Product Photography

We offer creative photography, using props or ambiance to infuse life into your product.


Bring your idea to life

We develop products from your idea, using merchandising to add a special touch to your communication.


Stationery & DIY things

Conception and design for your wedding or event where we develop a unique image using handmade techniques and media. We will create and add the hottest finishing details to turn your event into an unforgettable success.

Mar Porgimon

After completing her Fine Arts degree and unsure of her future as an artist (not least due to the fact that she is terrible at oil painting) she tried her luck on TV as a mixer technician. As if broadcasting Mass or ‘Mira Quien Baila’ (Spain’s Strictly Come Dancing) wasn’t enough, she mixed it up with jobs retouching photos of naked women, á la soft porn.

With her eclectic CV and wanting to establish herself as a designer, she joined a distributor that, apart from developing cosmetic products and nutritional supplements, also produced and distributed products for DRTV. After 5 somewhat surreal years (“Call us now!”) and a bit fed up with her computer, she felt she needed to go back to her Fine Arts roots and create things with her hands. So, she and Carla set up Xurris & CO, a blog where they can speak their minds and make handcrafted pieces. It was OK as a hobby and an escape from their ordinary jobs, but after a while they decided to go further and turn it into their livelihoods. And so ‘Xurris & CO Creative Studio’ was born in 2015, amidst lots of excitement and hopes for the future, including getting their own interns.

Oh! She’s also the one who manage Instagram and draws. If you want to get to know her more, er, formally, please check her out on Linkedin.  linkedin

Carla Ariza

After studying Fine Arts with Mar, where she experimented with aromas and food in her sculptures (mud vade retro) and pissed off hardcore animal activists at university by using colourful fish in her installations, Busquets Gruart signed her as a graphic designer (if you’ve bought a backpack or a folder of this brand in the latter part of this decade, it’s probably passed through your hands).


8 Years and a thousand collections later, she set up Xurris & CO with Mar, using the blog to exploit her talents with arts & crafts and develop products she likes. She also decides to enroll in a failed Masters in “Arts and Cuisine”, another one of her passions, where she ended up forming part of the Bulli foundation, alongside Ferran Adriá himself, in two shakes of a lamb tail. So amidst gastronomic liturgies, trade shows and wooden pieces, she re-evaluated her future and decided to take the blog to a professional level. She founded ‘Xurris & CO Creative Studio’ in 2015 where she hopes to continue creating and exploring the limits of art and design (assuming there are any).


Oh! And the colours, palettes and patterns are all her doing. And if you want to learn more about her CV click here. linkedin

Xurri’s Word

We commit to developing your project with the best support and in the best channel.

We commit to listen to you and offer advice (mainly imposing our criteria, but never underestimating your ideas).

We commit to offering you a questionnaire at the beginning of our relationship so we can build common ground and understanding, and thereby clarify the job at hand. The famous “Xurris method*”

We commit to showing you visual references to finish defining your idea.

We commit to talking to you in simple terms and explaining the entire process in detail in roll-print. Always taking into account the bleed.

We commit to safeguarding all your data following our Omertà* code of honour.

We commit to having the necessary and sufficient number of meetings to discuss your project or the lightness of being whenever you need.

We commit to offering you coffee when you come to see us and to smiling when we come to see you.

We commit to suggesting that you forward us by email the 300 changes you sent us via whatsapp.

And we commit to working on your projects as enthusiastically as if they were our own.

Meant to say…

*Xurri’s Word:

describes our commitment to our customers.

*The Xurri’s Omertà Code:

Our personal NDA. Code of silence.

*Extraordinary Service:

The service we offer as part of our Premium package.

*Xurris Method:

the questionnaire that you receive at the start of the project to make sure we nail it!

*Sexy Design:

a very attractive and daring design.

*Happy ending:

the feeling of satisfaction our customers have after a job well done.